Quiet before the storm


Ever since I became a mom I have enjoyed getting up early before my son. Its my quiet time of the day before everything gets loud. I don’t always get this time in the morning but this morning I am wishing it could go on forever.

Everything around me is quiet even the outside world is quiet. There are no cars going up and down the street and even the animals that live in the area seem to be silent right now. The only sound I can hear is the ticking of the clock that is hanging on the wall beside me.

I love moments like this because I know once my day starts it will be busy and loud and the quiet time will just be a memory. Sometimes through out my day when things are getting to crazy, I like to close my eyes for a brief moment and remember the quiet times I have had in the morning and that seems to make everything better.

Today is Friday which means work can either be really crazy because its the last day before the weekend or it can really dead. I hope for the first, it makes the day go by faster and therefor my weekend can start sooner in a sense. Well, as I write this the world around me seems to be waking up so I too shall start my move toward the storm.