A fun experience


Last night I joined in on a stageit.com performance of Austitron, an artist I recently got into. stageit.com is a website where the artist can play performances and people can pay what they want to watch.

I had never joined in on one of these performances before so it was new to me. Also I don’t know much about this artist, hence I didn’t know any of his music. I was surprised by what I heard. It was very good and Austin seemed to be having lots of fun interacting with the fans. The group of fans was small, I would say maybe 10 or 15 people showed up. The show lasted for about an hour. Then after the stageit.com show there was a twitcam question and answer session with the same artist.

Twitcam is done through twitter. The artist sets up an account through twitcam.com and gives the video link to their followers on twitter. There is a chat box and video to watch as well. The group of fans for the chat was small too, maybe 12 people showed up. It was nice to get to ask questions and actually get them answered by the artist. I had fun interacting with the fans too. I did feel like an outsider a little bit because I didn’t really know much about the artist and my questions were kinda lame, but I don’t really think anybody else cared. Overall it was a great experience and I can’t wait to do it again. Anybody else ever done anything similar? Tell me about it.