Daily Prompt:Life After Blogs



Daily Prompt: Life After Blogs

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?


My life without a computer would be simpler for sure. Communication would be slower and information wouldn’t be at my finger tips.

I do think that families would closer and happier. Child would actually have to play outside and use their imaginations.  And people would actually have to learn how to communicate in person, instead of from behind a computer and letter writing would be cool again and people would know how to write them.

Although life would be simpler, I like having information at my finger tips and being able to communicate with family that live far away instantly. I wouldn’t feel as connected without a computer. And also I learned a lot of technical skills when I got a computer. I had to learn how the computer works and how to type. The concept of not being able to hold a “file” was something I had to get used to, which I did because I use a computer in my everyday life. And it has affected my life in more ways then one, mostly for good. And I am sure they will continue to affect my life in the years to come.