(Insert child’s name) Handbook


If you were to write a handbook about your child what you make sure to include?

Here is what I would include:

Brandon loves books and could read all day if you let him.

Brandon loves crunchy food(chips,crackers, etc.)

Brandon likes french fries and chicken and likes to ask for them often.

Brandon is always very sweet and caring.

Brandon loves to go swimming with Grandpa.

Brandon also loves trains, painting, and playing outside.

Those are just some of things I would include. There is so much more to Brandon that the list could go on forever.

On another note I hope everyone has a great Friday and and even better weekend.


2 thoughts on “(Insert child’s name) Handbook

  1. If I only had a handbook for my kids. I have a 7 year old daughter and a 14 year old son. In some ways they are similar, but in more ways they are different. After having my laid back, kind of quiet son, my daughter’s shot out of a cannon personality shook my world. But I wouldn’t trade either one for anything in this world. My son is grounding, while my daughter is the twirling ray of light in my life. Both are my heart.

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