What a day..


Its not every day that you get a phone call first thing in the morning from your mom telling you that she is going to t he ER. Yes, that is how my day started. I won’t go into details but she is doing better and she isn’t in any pain anymore.

In other news I got my internet back! Turns out someone cut my wires and the repair guy had to replace them. Well, actually my step-dad cut the wires, thinking that they were the old wires from before I had the internet installed. Long story short my step-dad is now paying the repair bill and I can return the new modem that I bought and no longer need.

And yet overall I had good day. Work wasn’t too crazy and the sun was out so it was nice a warm and my son had a great day at daycare. Now I am going to rest and get up and do it all over again tomorrow. But at least I have Sunday,Monday and Tuesday off. So I can’t complain. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great day and I will be sure and keep you posted as always.