An update from the last blog


Yesterday I went to go check out a new daycare for my son. The daycare is in a home and when I got there I have to say I was a little nervous. I knocked on the door and Amy greeted me with a smile and welcomed me into her home. It was lunch time so things were a little crazy but Amy was calm. I asked a lot of questions and got lots of good answers. We made plans for me and Brandon to come back today. Everything went well today and I told her I would love for Brandon to start coming her. So my search for daycare is now over. 

And has it turns out the party for doctor that is leaving is actually next week. I will write a little about that next week.

And in other news my Internet stopped working yesterday, so I am posting this from my phone. Please forgive me for any typos. Everything should be fixed by tomorrow. Ok well I hope everyone had a great day and I will keep you posted.