Happy Wednesday!


Wednesday, hump day,middle of the week, whatever you call today. My day is going to be filled with work, a goodbye lunch and checking out a new daycare. Checking out the new daycare should be fun. I hope it works out. I really need to find a place for Brandon to go and soon. The lady I am going to see today has the daycare in her home and has been doing it for a long time and she came highly recommended. So wish me luck.

The goodby lunch is for a resident that is leaving. I work at a doctors office, where we get a new resident from Seattle Children’s Hospital every two months. They are the nicest people and we always miss them when they go and we always have a a goodbye lunch when they leave. Its sad when they leave,but I am sure the next resident will be great and then they cycle will continue.

As far as work goes it should be a good day, during the summer time things tend to slow down a bit and we can get some long overdue projects done. Hopefully today won’t be too crazy and we will be able to get some things done.

I will be sure and tell you all about my day in detail when I get home from work. So stay tuned and have a wonderful day.