I love Sundays. It has always been a day of rest for me. I know people always say that, but for me they really are. The whole day has a slower pace and the energy is calming in a way. Monday threw Saturday feel almost rushed to me. On a typical day I get up early and you can almost feel the intense need to hurry and get out the door. Not on Sundays. Its the one day I don’t set the alarm and my son always sleeps in and I can wake up slowly and actually enjoy my morning,without feeling like I have to rush to get somewhere.

Today my sister is in town so we are have breakfast at my parents house. I love when my sister comes to town. We don’t see each other often all because we live a few hours apart. We did see each other yesterday for the memorial, but day hopefully we can do something fun after breakfast. Well I hope you all have a great Sunday.