On the search


I have been on the search for new daycare for my son. His current daycare is closing at the end of the month. Which means I need to find something soon. I called the parent line the other day. The parent line is a number you can call and they will provide you with a list of daycare providers in your area that fit your needs. They don’t recommend one over the other but they did give name and phone numbers. I then spent some time on the phone calling different places and finding that not many are taking new kids and or don’t take part time. After calling almost everyone on the list I called this nice lady named Amy. She said she will have an opening at the end of month, but that she will be on vacation the first week of August. Finally some good news after so many failed attempts. She took my name and number and would call me when she had more details. I hope this works out, but in the mean time I still need a back up plan. So the searching continues for now.

And in other news my sister is coming home today. Our dear friend Frank passed away a little over a year ago and today we are spreading his ashes and celebrating his life. Should be a nice event with friends and family. But other than that today should be pretty normal, I have to work and Brandon gets to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa. Well I better get moving. Hope you all have a great day.