The concert review…


This is a little of the topic of my blog but I thought I would share anyway.. I hope you enjoy.

Last night I attended The Package Tour which included Boys To Men,98 degrees and New Kids On The Block. Now I am not huge fans of either of these bands, but I liked them enough to want to attend the concert. The concert was held in a huge arena so the place was packed. I managed to get good seats, about 20 rows back on the floor.

Boys to men came on first, they played a set that lasted about 30 minutes. I can’t remember the songs played, as I had only heard of a few. But one cool highlight was that during one of their love songs they handed out roses to the people in the front row. 98 degrees was next, their set too lasted about 30 minutes. They played I will Cherish You and a few other hits. I had never seen either in concert until last night. They were both really good.

Next came a short intermission(15minutes). And then New Kids on the Block came out. They played for a solid 2 hours and boy was that a great show. They have been together for 25 years and they played all the hits plus some other great songs. Sir Mix a-lot even joined them on stage and sang his big hit Baby got Back. Which was very awesome to see. Donny even kissed a lady in the front row.  And there was some  amazing vocal performances by all the bands. I had a great time and my appreciation for the band grew a little last night. If anybody is thinking of attending I strongly suggest you do. You won’t be disappointed.