A proud momma


I was a proud momma today.. I set out to spend the whole day with my son. We weren’t able to spend much time together during the week. I felt the need to make up for it. So we piled in the car and drove off with a mission to go play at the park. Only Brandon fell asleep on the way there so I just kept driving. I drove all the way to the mall(about an hour and half away) before he woke up. We got out of the car and headed for the mall. I didn’t bring a stroller or anything and figured I would see how long Brandon lasted. He did great. He walked right next me and didn’t run away, not even once. We went into the book store and he says oh wow! He headed straight for the Dr. Seuss books, he pulled everyone of them of the shelf and sat down to read them. It was so cute. After the bookstore we went to go have some lunch. Once again Brandon was such a good boy. He stayed at the table and eat all his food and then helped me throw away the trash. When lunch was over we headed for Kohl’s where we found some great deals on some summer clothes for Brandon. Then we walked back across the mall and headed for the car. Brandon started to melt on the way back to the car but he still cont. to walk all the way back. We stopped several times on the way home so he could get out of car and stretch his legs and because he wanted food. We had a great day and I hope tomorrow will be just as great. Now we are home and just relaxing and starting to think about whats for dinner?