Aunt Sandy to the rescue


Earlier in the week my son’s daycare asks if I will be needing daycare for today. I say yes and all day. They ask because if not enough people need childcare that day then they won’t be open. Turns out they were open today, so I take Brandon there like any other day and I go to work.

Now for a little back story… Today at work there were only people up front answering the phones. Me, a co-worker who just got back from vacation and a lady who fills in from time to time. Not our normal crew today. Which is fine. Expect today wasn’t slow like we all thought it was steady but not nuts.

OK now back to my story.. So I go to work and everything is great until about 15 minutes before I’m to go to lunch. I get this phone call from my son’s daycare. I answer the phone a little worried.. The director is on the other end and she says we are closing at noon today(its 11:15am now) because we didn’t have many kids show up. I hope that doesn’t cause any problems. I’m thinking in my head doesn’t cause problems.. hell yes it does. I say yes it does a little but I guess I will just find someone else to watch him. I instantly call Aunt Sandy and say can you please watch Brandon from around noon until I get off? Sure no problem she says. Praise the lord! I was so excited! So I go to lunch at 11:30am and I quickly find something to eat and go pick up Brandon and take him to Sandy’s house which is at least 15-20mins away. Then I race back to town to only realize I am running out of gas. I quickly find a gas station that isn’t busy at lunch time and fill the tank up as quickly as possible. I then realize that I’m still hungry so I race to the nearest store and grab a corn dog. I get back in my car and I start to  eat the corn dog and soon realize that it is really spicy and I can’t figure out why, then I look at the wrapper and its a jalapeno and cheese corn dog. I stop eating and find some water, all better.

At this point I’m about 20 minutes over my lunch hour and I get back to work and I’m telling my co workers how I started to eat the corn and then realized what kind it was and they all laugh and everything goes back to normal.

My lunch hour or should I say my lunch hour and a half was crazy but praise the lord for Aunt Sandy. She saved my butt today and Brandon had fun. So even though it was kind of a crazy day it was good day. And now that Brandon is asleep I am going to relax and watch a movie or something. So I can get up and do it all over again.. lol