May the Fourth be with you…


Happy Fourth of July everyone! My day started out slow and then got rolling shortly after. Earlier in the week me and my mom had discussed having a BBQ at my house but we never really finalized those plans until today. We also planned to go on a hike  down to the beach and play on the beach for a while. I had some running around town to do first so grandma hung out with Brandon and after I came home Brandon took a nap and afterward we sent out for the beach.

We had so IMG_0169much fun at the beach. Brandon loved being able to run around freely. The hike down to the beach was awesome as well. Brandon ran almost the whole way to the beach and encouraged everyone to run with him. Once we got down to the beach Brandon immediatly picked up rocks and started throwing them in to the ocean, his favorite thing to do, even grandma joined in. I had great time taking pictures and admiring the sceanery, which was very pretty and claming. Watching Brandon play on the beach was so much fun, he had smile on his face the entire time. Oh to be a kid again.. Brandon also found it fun to play with sticks we would pick one up and hit it against the ground like a cave man might have. Very funny to see. Grandpa even wrote Brandon’s name in the sand. After we hung out at the beach for awhile we started back up the trail and Brandon started to get tired quickly. The hike back took a little more engery but we made it back to the car and started home. We went back to my house and started getting ready for the BBQ. Grandpa was the cook for evening and he did a great job, thanks grandpa! He cooked hot dogs and hamburgers, we also had watermelon and chips(Brandons’s favorite). Brandon tired watermelon for the first time and he loved it. After dinner we tried to light sparklers, but it was too windy so they didn’t light.

Grandpa and Granma went home after that and me and Brandon relaxed a little bit and then he went to bed and now I am sitting her writing this blog about my day. I had so much fun today with my family. I love days when we all get together, well almost all of us, my sister was not able to join us. She got a nanny job and ended up going to Lake Chelen with them, we missed you Tiffany. But despite that we still had fun and I hope next year we can all be together to celebrate America’s birthday.